Hoya Surgical optics IOLs

HOYA surgical optics IOLS

The HOYA Corporation was founded in 1941 and was the first manufacturer of specialized optical glass in Japan. Today the company produces a wide array of optical products, the most important being intraocular lenses, made using a unique, proprietary technology.

Hoya has received separate patents for each lens and implantation system. The company is one of the top 100 high-tech companies in the world.

Advantages of Hoya lenses:

  • Fully Preloaded single-use implantation system
  • Hydrophobic material with no «glistening» effect
  • Aspherical optical design (ABC Design Aspheric Balance Curve)
  • Special polishing technology for optical surfaces
  • The sharpest edge among all existing models (Sharpest Edge Design)
  • Elements made of PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) on the haptic edge
  • One-step implantation device (through incision)
  • Incision size from 2.2 mm

PMMA elements on the haptic edge:

  • Visualization of the implantation process
  • Haptic elements do not stick to the lens during implantation
  • Provides elastic rigidity when positioning the IOL in the capsular bag