iSert® 254 (Clear) and 255 (Yellow)

Aspheric 1-Piece IOL Pre-loaded hydrophobic acrylic IOL

Aspheric 1-Piece IOL

Hydrophobic Acrylic

Preloaded System

As low as 2.1 mm incision

Small Incision

The iSert® system with as low as 2.1 mm incision allows efficient minimally invasive surgery without wound assist technique.

The haptic junctions include an autotucking mechanism for a compact fold and easy, one-step implantation.

Distinctive Lens Design

The Aspheric Balanced Curve (ABC) is designed to provide image quality even with small IOL decentration. A sharp square edge helps minimize PCO. It is a true hydrophobic acrylic lens.

Ease of Use

The iSert® system provides controlled IOL delivery that is highly predictable and reproducible. It reduces the time-consuming steps of inserter preparation, cleaning and sterilization. The completely disposable, closed system offers sterility and an untouched IOL.


SpecificationPreloaded, Monoblock, Aspheric, Blue Light Absorbing IOL (254),
UV-absorbing IOL (255)
Optic MaterialHydrophobic Acrylic
Optic Designasphericity = ~ –0.18 ?m
ManufacturingLathe-cut and pad polished
Haptic MaterialPMMA
Haptic ConfigurationModified-C loop
Dimension (Optic/OAL)6.0 mm/12.5 mm
Power+6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)
Optimized Optical constantsHaigis a0 = 1.13 a1 = 0.4 a2 = 0.1
Hoffer Q pACD = 5.33
Holladay 1 sf = 1.54
SRK/T A = 118.6
SRK II A = 118.7
Injector TypeiSert® Preloaded IOL System
Incision SizeAs low as 2.2mm