iSert® PC-60AD (Clear) and PY-60AD (Yellow)


Preloaded System

As low as 2.5 mm incision

Aspheric 3-Piece IOL

Hydrophobic Acrylic

Ease of Use

The iSert® system provides controlled IOL delivery that is highly predictable and reproducible. It reduces the time-consuming steps of inserter preparation, cleaning and sterilization. The completely disposable, closed system offers sterility and an untouched IOL.

Small Incision

The iSert® system with as low as 2.5 mm incision, allows efficient minimal invasive surgery without wound assist technique.

Sharp Image Quality

The HOYA IOL with Aspheric Balanced Curve (ABC) Design provides consistent performance and image quality. A sharp square edge helps minimize PCO.


SpecificationUV Absorbing IOL (iSert® PC-60AD)
Blue Light Absorbing IOL (iSert® PC-60YD)
Optic MaterialHydrophobic AcrylicHydrophobic Acrylic
Optic DesignAsphericAspheric
ManufacturingLathe-cut and pad polishedLathe-cut and tumble polished
Haptic MaterialPMMAPMMA
Haptic ConfigurationModified-C loopModified-C loop
Dimension (Optic/OAL)6.0 mm/12.5 mm6.0 mm/12.5 mm
Power+6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)+6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)
IOL Master Constants 118.7
Injector TypeiSert® Preloaded IOL SystemiSert® Preloaded IOL System
Incision SizeSmall incision 2.4mmSmall incision 2.4mm