iSert® Toric 351 (Yellow)

Toric Preloaded IOL

Distinctive Lens Design

  • 1-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL
  • toric aspherical IOL optic
  • preloaded for incision as low as 2.2 mm

HOYA iSert® Toric IOL is based on the hydrophobic acrylic HOYA® 1-piece design.

HOYA iSert® Toric IOL available from T3 to T9 for correction of corneal astigmatism up to 4.0 D


Model NamePreloaded, Toric, 1-piece,
UV/Blue Light Filter
Optic MaterialHydrophobic Acrylic
Optic DesignAspheric, asphericity = ~ –0.18 ?m
ManufacturingLathe-cut and pad polished
Haptic MaterialPMMA
Haptic ConfigurationModified-C loop
Dimension (Optic/OAL)6.0 mm/12.5 mm
Power+6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)
Cylindrical Power1.5 to 6.0 D (0.75 D steps)
Optimized Optical constants Haigis a0 = -0.542 a1 = 0.161 a2 =0.204
Hoffer Q pACD = 5.30
Holladay 1 sf = 1.52
SRK/T A = 118.5
SRK II A = 118.8
Injector TypeiSert® Preloaded IOL System
Front injector tip outer diameter1.82mm

Model NameCylindrical Power on IOL PlaneCylindrical Power on Corneal PlaneRecommended Corneal Astigmatism Correction
351 T31.50 D1.03 D0.75 to 1.5 D
351 T42.25 D1.55 D1.5 to 2.0 D
351 T53.00 D2.06 D2.0 to 2.5 D
351 T63.75 D2.58 D2.5 to 3.0 D
351 T74.50 D3.09 D3.0 to 3.5 D
351 T85.25 D3.61 D3.5 to 4.0 D
351 T96.00 D4.12 D4.0 and up