Intraocular lenses

The only photochromic IOL in the World

MATRIX AURIUM is the unique intraocular lens with photochromic properties assuring superior color perception and high UV and blue light protection at the same time.
Aurium responds to changes in the environment by becoming yellow when exposed to sunlight and colorless when no ultraviolet (UV) or blue light is present. Blue light ranges from 430

to 500 nm and is abundant in sunlight; as with UV light, eye exposure to blue light can cause retinal damage, especially in aging eyes, and the damage can lead to macular degeneration.
Unlike yellow IOLs, which filter UV and blue light, the Aurium becomes colorless during conditions such as nighttime, when blocking blue light will cause vision problems.

AURIUM MATRIX properties:
  • The color change to yellow takes about 10 seconds and becomes colorless in about 30 seconds
  • Improved contrast sensitivity and visual acuity in low light and night
  • No color shifts
  • In it’s activated state Aurium blocks about 50% of both violet and blue light
  • The photochromic property of Aurium exceeds the ISO standard of 20 years of hydrolytic stability and photostability

IOL Type:in the bag IOL, 1 pc, 3 pc
Material:Hydrophobic Acrylic, UV and Blue Light absorber
Overall Length:12.5 mm
Optic size:6.0 mm
Optic design:Square Edge, Biconvex
Angulation size:5 degrees
Min. Incision Size:2.5 mm