IOL Optoflex - accomodative hydrophilic IOL

Accommodative hydrophilic intraocular lens. Soleko’s innovative accommodative lens with exclusive helical shaped loops. Clinical monitoring confirms superior accommodation greater than 1.50 diopters.

Based on study on the natural accomodative processes of the eye, the new Optoflex lens was introduced, characterized by an annular area of support and an optical zone helically connected to the first. Intraocular twisting forces are recreated amplifying thepressure of the optical portion with positive accomodation effects.

Annular zone. Main functions:
Loops. Main functions:
  • Provide stability to the lens.
  • Allow the coarctation of the capsular bag to the diameter of the ring so as to restore the normal position and tension of the zonular fibers.
  • Inhibit the Proliferation of beads of Elshing
  • Keep the lens at the center of the system.
  • The helical course, associated with the elasticity of the material, allows the movement of the haptic part consequential to the increase of the in vitreous pressure and changes of the bag during accomodation.
  • The forward displacement of the optic determines the increase of the constant K and consequent increase of the refractive value.