IOL Review – hydrophilic premium IOLs

IOL Review - hydrophilic premium IOLs

Soleko range of monofocal hydrophilic
intraocular lenses characterized
by aspheric optics.


Hydrophilic multifocal lens with refractive optics. Independent clinical trials show that 68% of patients who received this lens implant no longer need frames for near vision. In a comparison with other models, this lens doesn’t generate phenomena of Glare & Halos; even when it doesn’t give optimum near vision, the lens works as an excellent monofocal lens for distant vision.

Customized toric multifocal hydrophilic lens. Combines the technical characteristics of toric and multifocal lenses, providing simultaneously the correction of astigmatism associated with presbyopia in a simple (Real Axis technology) and predictable approach. It comes with a spare lens and a technical design to facilitate implantation.


Toric hydrophilic customized lens. The axis of the cylinder is set during construction, so that the lens is always implanted with the reference marks positioned on the axis 0-180°. (Real Axes Technology). It comes with a spare lens and technical drawing to facilitate implantation.

Hydrophilic multifocal lens. Established for pediatric needs, this lens is suitable for implantation in the bаg, in the sulcus and for scleral fixation. The multifocal optic is the refractive design of our PV range .