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Innovation, Technology and Customer Satisfaction.

LCA Pharmaceutical (France) is specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of medical implant devices for ophthalmology,rheumatology and dermatology. By combining research and technology, LCA Pharmaceutical innovates for cataract surgery and for osteoarthritis treatment by launching on the world market high quality health products.

LCA Pharmaceutical has registered al large number of patents worldwide for those medical devices.


IXIUM HCS2.0% NaHa +
2.0% Chondroitin
1.0 ml PFS
IXIUM DUO2.0% NaHa /
2.0% CS +
1.5% NaHa
1.0 ml PFS + 1.0 ml PFS
1.4% NaHa
2.0 ml PFS
1.5% NaHa1.0 ml PFS
2.0% NaHa1.0 ml PFS

Innovative high-performing viscoelastic for cataract surgery, based on Chondroitin Sulfate (2.0%) and Sodium Hyaluronate (2.0%):

  • It offers excellent protection thanks to chondroitin sulfate
  • It maintains anterior chamber very well thanks to sodium hyaluronate
  • has outstanding rheological properties, that easecapsulorhexis and lens insertion,
  • allows excellent visibility of the operating space
  • is simple to remove from the anterior chamber,
  • does not interfere with the process of cicatrisation
  • is not antigenic and is well tolerated by the human eye.

Is a viscoelastic solution of high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate,highly purified, clear, isotonic, sterile and pyrogen-free,for intraocular injection in surgery of the anterior segment ofthe eye. IXIUM TWIN is supplied in Luer Lock 2.0-mL prefilledglass syringes with a single-use disposable injection cannula.

PHASE 1 of IXIUM TWIN has a high sodium hyaluronate concentration(2%) imparting a high dynamic viscosity. It providesexcellent protection of corneal endothelium cells both becauseof a remarkable cushioning effect on the anterior chamber during capsulorhexis (1) and its optimal elasticity at the high shear rates generated during phacoemulsification (2).

PHASE 2 has a moderate viscosity due to a sodium hyaluronate concentration of 1.4% which allows perfect lubrication of injector device reforming of the capsular bag, facilitates intraocular lens implantation (3) in the capsular bag.

The sufficient cohesivity of phase 2 allows rapid removal of IXIUM TWIN (4) at the end of the operation.


New innovative viscoelastic for cataract surgery, for 2 phases of cataract surgery:
1st – is for Capsulorexis and Phacoemulsification (with IXIUM HCS) and the 2nd is for IOL implantation (with IXIUM NaHa 1.5%)

IXIUM NaHa 1.5% and NaHa 2.0%

Are visco-elastics high molecular weight solution of a non-inflammatory, highly purified grade of Sodium hyaluronate, clear, isotonic, sterile and non-pyrogenic for intraocular injection during surgery of the anterior segment of the eye.