Medical face masks

We offer the following main types of masks that protect both the civilian population and medical workers

As of April 8, 2020, more than 1.4 million people in the World were infected with COVID-19 in more than 100 countries. Now this is a global struggle.
And what can we do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19? Be alert, do everything you can to prevent coronavirus and wear masks to protect yourself and the people around you.

– Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ≥ 98%
– Appearance, structure, and size, nose clip, mask band, bacterial filtration efficiency, ventilation resistance, microbial index all meet the requirements of EN 14683
– It is suitable for the wearer in general medical environment without the risk of bodily fluids and spillage

Structure: stereoscopic 3-layer
Protection from:
– Dust
– Pollen
– Bacterium

The protective mask is designed to effectively protect against various possible pathogenic microbes, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and pollutants from the surrounding air. Made of 3 layers of non-woven material, it has an increased level of filtration up to 99% (with a particle size of 3 microns) while not making breathing difficult.

– The presence of a three-layer exhaust valve
– The highest level of filtration
– Protection levels – 3
– Does not complicate the breathing process