Surgical gowns

Ресурс 380
Ресурс 381
Ресурс 382
  • Made from non-woven textile hydrophobic material SMMS that protects against fluid penetration
  • Gowns are fixed with four ties system
  • Sleeves are finished with knitted elastic cuffs
  • Surgical gowns are a tie-round type, which enables to keep the sterility of surgeons back side
  • There are three types of surgical gown classic; standard, reinforced, full reinforced
  • Reinforced and full reinforced types have front side and sleeves with impermeable material that assures perfect
    protection of surgeon during major surgeries
  • Fulfil requirements of EN 13795 standard:
    • Standard type: Code No: 1001-001-SGC-Size L, Code No: 1001-002-SGC-Size XL, Code No: 1001-003-SGC-Size XXL
    • Reinforced type:Code No: 1002-001-SGC-Size L, Code No: 1002-002-SGC-Size XL, Code No: 1002-003-SGC-Size XXL
    • Full Reinforced type: Code No: 1003-001-SGC-Size L, Code No: 1003-002-SGC-Size XL, Code No: 1003-003-SGC-Size XXL
  • Packing: Single Pakage
  • Production Feature: Antistatic Protection, Bacterial Barrier Protection, Antiallergic Protection
  • Stitch Type: Overlock 4-5
  • Rope Length : 110 cm (Optional Length)
  • Materiel: SMS or SMMS
  • Size: Standard (Optional size)
  • Product color: White – Blue
  • Product Type: Non Steril Doctor Gown, Patient Gown , Boks Gown, Surgical Gown