Oxygen concentrators

Ресурс 309

Concentrators with oxygen flow of 3 LPM – for preventive oxygen therapy sessions, as well as for oxygen cocktails

Ресурс 310

Concentrators with oxygen flow of 5 LPM – for oxygen therapy and inhalation of patients with various manifestations of respiratory failure at home, inpatient and medical facilities

Ресурс 311

Concentrators with oxygen flow rate of 10 LPM and higher – medical devices to work together with the lung ventilator and anesthesia apparatus

Main features of oxygen concentrators:

1. An uninterrupted pure oxygen concentrator used for medical purposes. Used in intensive care, hospitals and clinics;

2. Concentrator for long-term oxygenation therapy, is used both inpatient and at home. It is used in patients suffering from bronchopulmonary, cardiovascular and other diseases in which pure oxygen is vital;

3. Concentrator for preventive oxygen therapy sessions, as well as for the preparation of oxygen cocktails at home and in other facilities.

Retention of oxygen concentration at maximum flow varies depending on the manufacturer and model. Some models have 90% concentration at maximum flow, some have 93% and 95% concentration at maximum flow.